Young Warrior Kids Club

Are you tired of watching your kids, sitting on the couch, glued to their devices after school each day?

Are there times when your child isn’t giving you the respect you deserve?

Or is your family dealing with any bullying issues - either physically, verbally, or online?

Wouldn’t it be powerful if, through a fun, simple, engaging program, we turned your kids into “warriors?”


Three Tiers of Bullying: A Parent's Kickstart Guide to Empower Your Child from the Threats of Bullying

In order to wipe out bullying in our schools, we have to address it from every aspect - victims, bullies, and bystanders.

My NEW, online course and workbook does just that...there are "three tiers."

  • The first tier focuses on helping victims of bullying.
  • The second tier helps our bullies to learn how to change their behavior.
  • The third tier - an area that is often neglected - is working with "bystanders." They're the kids who stand by, watching a classmate be bullied, because they don't know how to help, or they fear becoming a victim themselves.


Are You Ready to Become a "Hard Target" to Any Potential Attacker?

Any woman - no matter what her shape, height, or age - can become a Warrior Woman

Every woman needs to learn self defense. It's the best way to ensure your safety, and even the safety of your family. "Six Weeks to a Warrior You" is my special course that focuses on the five key elements that will transition you from "easy target" to "warrior woman."


Taking a Stand Against Bullying - the Book

I was bullied - both physically and emotionally - throughout most of my childhood.  That's why I'm passionate about preventing bullying and keeping kids safe.

My book, "Taking a Stand Against Bullying," gives children who are being bullied specific exercises and instructions to increase their self-confidence and escape dangerous situations.

Find it on Amazon!  Search for "I Stand Against Bullying"

Warrior Women on the Move